The Children

Jane Nartare Beaumont

Jane Beaumont

Nine years old (born 10 September 1956), 137 centimetres tall, with ear length, sun bleached fair hair, which was pushed back with a fringe in front. She was possibly wearing a tortoise shell hair band with a yellow ribbon. She had a thin face with freckles and hazel eyes, and two prominent front teeth. She was well spoken but stuttered when excited.

On the day in question, she was wearing green shorts over pink bathers. Her shoes were tartan canvas sandshoes, with white soles. She should have been carrying three towels, a green airways-type bag, a white purse, and a paperback copy of Little Women.

A letter written by Jane Beaumont two days before her disappearance shows her to have been a responsible, intelligent girl.

Dear Mum and Dad, I am just about to go to bed and the time is 9. I have put Grant's nappy on so there is no need to worry about his wetting the sheet. Grant wanted to sleep in his own bed so one of you will have to sleep with Arnna. Although you will not find the rooms in very good condition I hope you will find them as comfortable as we do. Good night to you both. Jane XXX
PS I hope you had a nice time whereever you went.
PPS I hope you don't mind me taking your radio into my room Daddy.
She had missed topping grade four at Paringa Park Primary School by only half a point. She was also capable of looking after her younger brother and sister, sometimes acting like a mother to them. A warm and friendly child, she was much shyer than her siblings.

Arnna Kathleen Beaumont

Arnna Beaumont

Seven years old (born 11 November 1958), 122 centimetres tall, with a plump build. She had dark brown hair with a fringe, and a sun-tanned complexion. She also had dark brown eyes.

On the day in question, she wore tan shorts over red and white bathers which were either checked or striped. She also had tan sandals. Arnna had completed grade two at Paringa Park Primary School.

Grant Ellis Beaumont

Grant Beaumont

Four years old (born 12 July 1961), 91 centimetres tall, thin build, and brown hair with a fringe. Like his sisters he had brown eyes. He was very sun-tanned and had an olive complexion.

On the day in question, he wore green cotton shorts over green bathers which had vertical white stripes. He was wearing red sandals.

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