The Suspect

'Identikit' of Suspect.   
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The picture above is one of the most famous images associated with the Beaumont case. It is popularly believed to be an identikit picture of the suspect wanted in connection with the disappearance of the children. In fact, as the ABC Radio Eye program "101 Degrees -- The Beaumont Children" revealed, the 'identikit' is nothing more than a preliminary sketch of a thin-faced man. Click here to read the transcript from the relevant part of the program where the man who sketched the image explains the circumstances under which it was created. The rest of the description that follows on this page is genuine:

The suspect was male, in his mid to late 30s, and around 185cm tall. He had a thin to athletic build, with light brown or blonde hair swept back and parted on the left side. He was clean-shaven, with a suntanned complexion and a thin face. He spoke with an Australian accent. He was wearing blue bathers with a single white stripe down the outside of each leg. He was also in possession of a pair of trousers and a towel. 76

The following is a description of the man wanted for the Adelaide Oval abduction in 1973. It is included here as it is possible -- though not certain -- that the same man is also the suspect in the Beaumont case.

Identikit of Oval Suspect.   
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The suspect was male, middle-aged and about 173cm tall. He walked with a lean and looked as if he were a little drunk. He wore a brown hat with an unusually wide brim, a grey checked sports coat, and brown trousers.

Clothes like Oval Suspect's.
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